Destination Napa: Philosophies of Wellness


Destination Napa: Philosphies of Wellness explores Napa Valley’s oldest commercial industry, that builds upon the Valley’s bucolic environment and 19th century philosophies of wellness. Resorts quickly sprang up marketing the curative benefits of the hot springs, fresh air, climate, and pastoral vistas. The “wellness” economy provided jobs and opportunities for local residents and put Napa Valley on the world map.

In the 172 years since the first hot springs resort, the natural resources of Napa Valley have sustained multiple industries, and although the resort industry has shifted over time from wellness to a holistic experience the industry continues to capitalize on the Valley’s beauty and climate, incorporation the excellence of wine and food that drives modern tourism and draws upon Napa Valley’s heritage.


Entrance to Piner's Hot Springs, Calistoga

Where Did People Go?

Dr Alders' Mud Baths and Sanitarium, Calistoga

Why Did People Go to the Resorts?

What Did People Do at Resorts?

How Did People Get to Resorts in Napa?

745 Napa State Hospital, Napa, California

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Authors & Artists

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Carbonated Water

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Hot Springs Comparisons

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