Carbonated Water

Carbonated water or Sparkling water contains dissolved carbon dioxide which is either artificially injected or naturally occurring. The curative properties of mineral water have been recognized for centuries, but it wasn’t until the mid-1700s that entrepreneurs began to build apparatus to artificially infuse water. Almost immediately Soda fountains began to appear in Drug Stores. Jackson’s Spa in Boston bottled the first sparkling water in 1767. In Napa Valley the sodas from Aetna, Calistoga, and Napa were the best known bottled sparkling waters and they were widely distributed throughout the Western U.S.

J. Matthews’ Compressor

Date: ca. 1780

Aetna Bottling Works

Date: ca. 1880

Courtesy of Sharpsteen Museum

Diagram of Seltzer Bottle

Date: ca. 1820

Napa Exhibition, State Fair

Date: ca. 1890

A booth at the State Fair for Napa County showcasing mineral waters, food products.

Advertisement for Seltzer Water

Date: ca. 1850

Napa Soda Works Agent

Date: ca. 1890

Vichy Water Agent

Date: ca. 1890