Please note: NCHS cannot offer guidance on historic home renovation or restrictions. You can find a list of helpful resources on the Napa County Landmarks website.

A Historic Resources Inventory (HRI) is a listing of structures or sites that contribute to the history or character of a region.

The information on each form varies by each region and the person conducting the inventory; however, forms normally include architectural notes, approximate age, and a photograph.

Within Napa County several HRIs have been compiled: Napa City, Yountville, St. Helena, Calistoga, and Unincorporated Areas. These forms are important for documenting the historic character of Napa County, and can be a great aid in researching the history of a property. Most forms are listed by street address, while some older structures and sites are described by neighboring streets or landmarks.

Click on an image below to search for a property by region. If an address in the City of Napa is not on the list, then there is no HRI form for it. However, it may still have an HRI ranking number on the “City of Napa Combined Historic Resources List” available here (PDF). The city also provides a field guide with more information about the Historic Resource Survey and procedures, which can be found here: Historic Resources Field Guide (PDF)

For a list of Historical Landmarks in Napa County visit the website for the California Office of Historic Preservation.

See our Research Resources page for more guidance on researching a property. You can also hire NCHS to research a property for you.