The HRI forms listed for properties in the County of Napa or unincorporated areas come from the Master List of historic properties, completed in 1978 and 1989.

Properties are sorted by street and then in numerical order. If an address is not listed here, there is no HRI record form for it. Some of these properties are now located within Napa city limits.

Please note that information in the HRIs may be inaccurate, especially estimated build dates.

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Aetna Springs Road

1621 Aetna Springs Road – Aetna Springs Resort
1621 Aetna Springs Road – Aetna Springs Dining Hall
1621 Aetna Springs Road – Aetna Springs Frances Marion Cottage
1621 Aetna Springs Road – Aetna Springs Social Hall
1621 Aetna Springs Road – Aetna Springs Soda Fountain & Bar
1621 Aetna Springs Road – Aetna Springs Winship Building


Barnett Road

Barnett Road – Barnett House


Berryessa-Knoxville Road

Berryessa-Knoxville Road – Blue Ridge Toll Road
Berryessa-Knoxville Road – Knoxville Mine Store
Berryessa-Knoxville Road – Zem Zem Resort


Crystal Springs Road

751 Crystal Springs Road – William Pratt House


Cuttings Wharf Road

2035 Cuttings Wharf Road – Olandt Place


Devlin Road

Greenwood Mansion (formerly on South Kelly Road)


Dry Creek Road

1029 Dry Creek Road – Barth Winery


Fourth Avenue (Napa)

1005 Fourth Ave. – Harmony School


Glass Mountain Lane

125 Glass Mountain Lane – Elmshaven Watertower
125 Glass Mountain Lane – Pratt-Coolidge-White House/Elmshaven


Hagen Road

1225 Hagen Road – Bergstrom Ranch
3275 Hagen Road – Mt. George Farm Center


Highway 29 (St. Helena Highway)

Highway 29 Between the North and South Traffic Lanes – Trubody Eucalyptus trees


Highway 128

1191 Highway 128 – Capell Valley School
Raney Rock/“Sleeping Lady”


Las Amigas Road

2874 Las Amigas Road – T. B. McClure House


Lokoya Road

1155 Lokoya Road – Fisher Winery/“Mt. Veeder Vineyards”
Lokoya Road – Lokoya Redwood/“Hangman’s Tree”
Lokoya Road – Near the Summit of Mt. Veeder


Loma Vista Drive

1115 Loma Vista Dr. – Castle Rock/White Rock Vineyards


Monticello Road

3701 Monticello Road – Windy Flat
Monticello Road – “Old Man With a Pipe”


Mt. Veeder Road

2207 Mt. Veeder Road – Mt. Veeder School


Napa-Vallejo Highway (Highway 29)

669 Napa-Vallejo Highway – Devlin Ranch House


Oak Knoll Avenue

1160 Oak Knoll Ave. – Eschol Winery/Trefethen Family Vineyards


Pope Valley Road

6613 Pope Valley Road – Sam Haus Winery
6654 Pope Valley Road – Lito Damonte’s Place (Lito’s Hubcab Ranch)
Pope Valley & Howell Mountain Rds. – Henry Haus Blacksmith and Wagonmaker Shop
Pope Valley & Howell Mountain Rds. – Pope Valley Store


Old Ridge Road

Old Ridge Road – Along the Ridge Line of Mt. Veeder


Redwood Road

4411 Redwood Road – Theodore Gier Winery


Sage Canyon Road

3233 Sage Canyon Rd – Crochat Place/Brown Estate Vineyards


Sanitarium Road

500 Sanitarium Road – Deer Park


Silverado Trail

5548 Silverado Trail – Occidental Wine Cellar


Soda Canyon Road

1220 Soda Canyon Road – Norem Barn
Soda Canyon Road – Napa Soda Springs
Soda Canyon Road – Napa Soda Springs Rotunda
Soda Canyon Road – Soda Hole


Soscol Ferry Road

1011 Soscol Ferry Road – Soscol House


Stanly Lane

Stanly Lane
South End of Stanly Lane – Stanly House


White Cottage Road

150 White Cottage Road – Noveau Medoc Winery/Howell Mountain Winery


Withers Road

4175 Withers Road – Withers House


Sites with no address

Bank of Chiles Creek – Site of Chiles Mill
Conn Valley-Conn Creek Canyon – S.F.-Clearlake Railroad Grade
South of the Junction of Trout Creek & Pope Creek – Samuels Springs