Hot Springs Comparisons 

From the earliest historic times, the hot springs of Napa Valley were compared to other famous resorts around the world. Depending on the audience each resort hoped to attract, a specific comparison was chosen. These resorts wanting to attract wealthy San Franciscans often compared Napa Hot Springs to the famous Bad Ems, Germany, which is known for its salts. Other resorts drew on American contemporaries to attract visitors. The most common were Saratoga in New York and the Arkansas Hot Springs, which was declared a “National Reservation” in 1832 well before the creation of National Parks. 

Bad Ems, Germany

Date: Present Day

Send Your Wife Away

Date: July 16, 1895

San Francisco Call
San Francisco Call

Summer Resorts

Date: July 10, 1900

Harbin Hot Sulphur Springs!

Date: April 27, 1881

San Francisco Call

1905 Summer Resorts

Date: July 18, 1905