Authors & Artists

Among the guests at Napa Valley resorts were well-known authors and artists who through their mediums captured the aspects that embodied the pastoral environment and healthy fresh air, further promoting the prevailing philosophies of wellness of the 19th century. 

Journalists regularly wrote about the curative properties of the Valley’s hot springs, but so did Fanny Stevenson in her magazine articles while her husband Robert Louis captured their life here in his book Silverado Squatters. Joaquin Miller, Bret Harte, Ambrose Bierce, and Gertrude Stein wrote about their time in Napa while artist E.A Burbank painted numerous bucolic scenes of the Valley.


E.A Burbank

b. 1858- d. 1949

Ambrose Bierce

b. 1842 – d. 


Robert Louis Stevenson

b. 1850 – d. 1894

Frances Marion

b. 1883 –  d. 1973

Screen Writer

Gertude Stein

b. 1874- d. 1946

Joaquin Miller

b. 1837 – d. 1913


Fanny Stevenson

b. 1840 – d. 1914

Bret Harte

b. 1846 – d. 1902