Greetings from Tulocay

While the Goodman Library undergoes repairs from the 2014 earthquake, the Napa County Historical Society is operating out of the old office building at Tulocay Cemetery.  Our office is open Monday-Wednesday-Friday, 10am-4pm.

Here’s a fun fact!  The Goodman Library is named for George Goodman, the local banker who constructed the library and donated it and the land to the City of Napa.  At Tulocay Cemetery the beautiful Goodman mausoleum, where George Goodman is buried, is on a hill above our new office building.  A champion of Napa libraries in life, it seems like fate that Mr. Goodman is still looking after our library in death!

Thanks to the Tulocay Cemetery Board of Directors for their generous invitation to relocate to the Juarez building.  We would also like to offer our sincere thanks to Community Projects and the Community Foundation’s Community Disaster Fund for Earthquake Relief for their financial support of this project.