A new era of exhibits!

We are launching a new era of exhibits! Through the expertise of our Board Vice President and Anthropologist, Dr. Sheli O. Smith, and guest curator, Dr. Monica Hunter, our fall exhibit titled “Who Tells Our Story” opened virtually on October 2nd at 7pm with a presentation and guided tour. To dive into this topic, we have chosen to use the books published by Arcadia Publishing on the various aspects of the Places, People, Livelihoods, Leisure and Politics of the Valley as pivot points in examining the Who, How, and What have been captured in the stories told about Napa County. We also hope to entice you and others to think about the stories that are yet to be told. The voices “heard and unheard”.

Due to COVID-19 we will combine a hybrid of physical exhibit that will be open to the public (space limited), virtual tours, virtual presentations, and educational modules for the curious of all ages. We want to thank our sponsor The Doctors Company, Aegis Living Napa, The Congregation Beth Shalom Napa, Arcadia Books, and in-kind sponsors the Chinese Historical Society, Farm Bureau of Napa Valley, and the Town of Yountville. Virtual tours and presentations by selected authors will augment educational modules.

For more information on these exhibits, please visit the exhibit webpage at napahistory.org. Thank-you again for your important contribution to keeping history alive in Napa County!