1915 County Map Donation Drive

Part of the damage the NCHS received during the 2014 earthquake impacted one of our crowd favorite documents.

The 1915 County Map was oftentimes a point of reference our staff would present to visitors daily at the Goodman Library. Now, five years after the fact we have not been able to share regular access to this map.

With an impressive size of 65 1/2 by 78 inches, we are gearing up to purchase a custom built, archival frame in order to maintain preservation of the map for years to come.

We will then mount the map in the upstairs Research Library for access during our business hours.

All one-time donations that the NCHS receives during the fall of 2019 will go towards preserving and mounting this crowd-favorite map. Please consider donating today to join us as we keep history alive in the Napa Valley.

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