Our online catalog is hosted by CatalogIt HUB. Our collection includes photographs, archives, books, and objects. Many of our digital photographs can be viewed directly on the HUB.

CatalogIt HUB can be searched using keywords or browsed by collection.

Using quotation marks around phrases can help to narrow a search. For example, “Chiles Valley” will find materials specific to Chiles Valley, while entering the phrase without quotation marks will bring up all records related to Chiles or Valley.

You can also narrow searches by connecting search terms with a + sign. For example, if you want a map of Calistoga, you might try “Calistoga+map”, which will bring up only records containing both search terms appearing in any order.

Try variant spellings for names, alternate names for historic places. If searching for an address with no results, try broadly searching for the street name. Not all of our photographs of buildings and locations have been identified by street address and may be referred to by a historic or common name.

Enjoy, and don’t be afraid to reach out to our research team if you have any questions at info@napahistory.org!