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Explore various subjects of Napa County history. Note: these interactive timelines have been created on a platform not-compatible with ADA requirements. We are currently working on a suitable replacement.



The St. Helena Historical Society has written extensive timelines of the local St. Helena History – Click Here to explore the research on their website.

Napa County History

The first settlers came to Napa County about 10,000-12,000 years ago. The Patwin, so-called for their word pat-win, meaning “people,” were a southern branch of the Wintu (or Wintun) that occupied most of the land around Suisun, Vacaville, and Putah Creek.

Napa County History
Portrait of Maria Soberanes Bale

The Chinese in Napa Valley

View our webpage created in collaboration with Teach Truth CA and the 100 Plaques Project to highlight the influence of Chinese immigrant laborers in the Napa Valley during the 19th century.

Chinese Story