Gracias / Thank you Volunteers and Sponsors

Patrocinadores / Sponsors

The Napa County Historical Society exhibit was made possible by the generous support of:

Tourism Improvement District
Community Projects, Inc.
Napa Valley Register
Doctors Company
Napa Valley Latino Heritage Committee
Napa Co. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
St. Helena Historical Society
Leon Brendel
Atomic Janitorial
Cisneros Familia
Flores-Samaniego Familia
Perez Familia
Janelle Fuller


We are grateful for the generous gift of time and expertise of the NCHS Volunteers who research and help install our exhibits:

Dennis Andersen
Natalie Arcadi
Karen Burzdak
Cathy Bunnell
Antonia Cuevas
Evan Darlington
Elaine Everett
Mia Fassero
Ivan Gekov
Mariam Hansen
Monica Hunter
Steve Merwin
Stefany Perez
Mark Smith
Steve Smith
Taylor Voss

Website design team: Stefany Perez, Mia Fassero, Evan Darlington, Antonia Cuevas, Natalie Arcadi