Phillips Magnet Elementary
Large, purple grapes hang off of a leafy vine, with text above it reading "Uvas."

Catalog #: PH001

Catalog ID#: PH002

A hand holds out green grapes to a black crow who holds one in its mouth.
The Mexican Flag in the shape of the United States, with text at the bottom reading "La Bandera de Mexico."

Catalog ID#: PH003

Catalog ID#: PH004

A skull with colorful teeth, a pink nose, and pink and purple eyes is surrounded by four crosses and two roses. Text at the top reads "dia de lost muertos."
A Mexican flag with many small illustrations, including a bull, a skull, a taco, and the words "Viva Mexico."

Catalog ID#: PH005

Catalog ID#: PH006

A woman with a long dress with a blue across on the chest and long dark hair, standing next to a floral square with a yellow cross on it, above text that reads, "blessed."
The Mexican flag with text inside that reads, "Mexico." and under which reads, "Vivo Mexico." Above, a yellow cross with angel wings next to a colorful skull covered in fllowers.

Catalog ID#: PH007

Catalog ID#: PH008

A card with a red rose on top of a blue background, a 41 in the top left of the card and text that reads, "La Rosa," on the bottom. Above the card, text reads, "La Carta De La Rosa."
A girl with long blonde hair, wearing a large, full purple dress, next to a skull on the right, and a Mexican flag on the left. Text above reads, "Quinceanera."

Catalog ID#: PH009

Catalog ID#: PH010

A square of yellow yarn contains three yellow crosses, next to a a bronze goblet filled with a red liquid on the left, and three tan circles with x's in their center to the right. Text beneath read "Almelo."
A cross, colored with blue and green and containing flowers and a heart, with black lines coming up around it. Text in a yellow oval in the top left corner reads, "Viva Mexico."

Catalog ID#: PH011

Catalog ID#: PH012

A circle, filled in with red, yellow, and blue. and a cross in the center, colored yellow, with one blue arm, and one red. Text above reads, "El Poder de Jesus," and text on the bottom reads, "Power of Jesus."
A white and black bull with horns. In the top left, a circle with two horns inside, and on the top right, an Italian flag. Between the images, text reading, "Bull riding."

Catalog ID#: PH013

Catalog ID#: PH014

A hand, with a red plaid sleeve, holds out dark purple grapes. Text surrounding the image reads, "Honor the hands that harvest your crops. -Dolores Huereta."
A skull, with colorful flowers in the eyes, on the cheeks, and below the teeth, wearing a wide brimmed hat with a brown cross surrounded in green leaves on it. Under the image, text reads, "!Viva Mexico!"

Catalog ID#: PH015

Catalog ID#: PH016

a woman, wearing a colorful skirt made up of green, blue, and pink, with a pink bodice, holds out a glass of liquid. To the right, a tall bottle with a brown label and brown cork holds pink liquid. Above, a Mexican flag. Below all images, text reads, "Go! Mexico!!'
A Mexican flag surrounded by a skull with a wide grin and a curly mustache to the left, a taco to the top left, a cross with angel wings above, and an assortment of peppers below.

Catalog ID#: PH017

Catalog ID#: PH018

A Mexican flag circled by yellow flowers with green stems and a cross above it. Two green leaves are in the bottom left and right.
A colorful skull with pink flowers around the eyes, orange flowers on teh cheeks and forheard, with two orange flowrs with green leaves behind. Under, the text reads, "Mexico."

Catalog ID#: PH019

Catalog ID#: PH020

A blue background with a gray drawing, titled "The Corn Dispenser"
A drawing of an ear of corn and dish of birria

Catalog ID#: PH021

Catalog ID#: PH022

A large black bull with white horns and a white "02" on its side, running toward a red flag. Text above reads, "Hola Tilin."
A black truck with blue windows and a green, white, and red flag flying off of it. Text above reads, "takuache cuh."

Catalog ID#: PH023

Catalog ID#: PH024

A brown cross on a white background. Text above reads, "Ir a la islesia."
A brown donkey above the head of a black bull and a colorful skull covered in flowers.

Catalog ID#: PH025

Catalog ID#: PH026

A hand holds out green grapes, to the left, a skull covered in colorful flowers. A green, white, and red flag in the top left corner above a string of red banners. A green box with text that reads, "Mexico," to the left of it, green text that reads, "Day of the dead."
A Mexican flag with a green, white, and red donkey eating the corner of the flag. Green, white, and red text on the top reads, "Viva Mexico."

Catalog ID#: PH027

Catalog ID#: PH028

A sugar skull with a cross made of red and green fabric, words "Viva Mexico" in red.

Catalog ID#: PH029

Catalog ID#: PH030

A white square with images of a taco, a flag, and a cross, with the words "my house is..."

Catalog ID#: PH031

Catalog ID#: PH032

Mexican flag with "Mexico" written in the center, words "Viva Mexico."