New Technology High School
Square made with Dallas Cowboys football team fabric

Brandon A.

Catalog ID#: NT001

Justin E.

Catalog ID#: NT002

An illustration of a taco on black and white school chalkboard-themed fabric
A calavera with pink, red, and purple roses and a heart on the forehead.


Catalog ID#: NT003


Catalog ID#: NT004

A mostly black circle on white fabric with multicolored fabric mixed in, representing a Coca Cola bottle.
An embroidered long-necked dinosaur in green thread on a green background.


Catalog ID#: NT005


Catalog ID#: NT006

Background with the colors of the Mexican flag with embroidered word "Chicana," and the text "I'm a daughter of proud Mexican immigrants."
A silhouette of a couple dancing in the colors of the Mexican flag, surrounded by roses and papel picado


Catalog ID#: NT007

Victor T.

Catalog ID#: NT008

A gray patterned circle on a yellow background, with a yellow star in the center with multicolored fabric.
A cartoon skull and crossbones with a yellow and red wide-brim hat.


Catalog ID#: NT009


Catalog ID#: NT010

A microphone on a black background with a multicolored polka-dot handle and a white top.
A blue background with a faint lighter blue spiral, scaled fabric and orange embroidered eyes.


Catalog ID#: NT011


Catalog ID#: NT012

A red cloud on a white background
A Mexican flag drawn on a pink background, with roses and a gold cross


Catalog ID#: NT013


Catalog ID#: NT014

Lavender and purple background, with fabric depicting rainbow cats in triangles on the left and right sides, pink center.
A pink square with an embroidered woman wearing traditional clothing in red, white and green.


Catalog ID#: NT015


Catalog ID#: NT016

A pink square with the letter M in a yellow circle, embroidered word "Wizzy."
A gray square with a colorful patterned half circle, a dancer, skeleton, and chicken, and the word "Michoacan."


Catalog ID#: NT017


Catalog ID#: NT018

A man with dark hair covering his face.
A blue background with a purple flower stitched on.


Catalog ID#: NT019

Alex O.

Catalog ID#: NT020

A yellow ladder in the center of a rectangle on a white background.
A card with a red rose titled "La Rosa" on a multicolored background


Catalog ID#: NT021


Catalog ID#: NT022

A black diamond in the center of a teal square, with Ace of Spades symbol at corners.
One Punch Man cartoon character on yellow circle

Diego H.

Catalog ID#: NT023


Catalog ID#: NT024

Embroidered calavera with multicolored thread on green background
Fabric Mexican flag with Mexico written in black on the center, white background


Catalog ID#: NT025


Catalog ID#: NT026

Yellow sunflowers printed on fabric on a green background.
A red bandana-patterned fabric with red stitching.


Catalog ID#: NT027


Catalog ID#: NT028

Embroidered emergency vehicle on white background
A red background with a dancing woman, sunflower, and embroidered hat.


Catalog ID#: NT029


Catalog ID#: NT030

White fabric square with embroidered Coca Cola bottle and a plant in a yellow pot.
A peace sign embroidered in purple thread on a white background.


Catalog ID#: NT031


Catalog ID#: NT032

A purple car or small truck embroidered on white background.
An orange background with the Mexican flag, and the words "familia," "amigos," and "viva Mexico."

Toria L. H.

Catalog ID#: NT033


Catalog ID#: NT034

An embroidered purple and red sunburst on a red background.
An orange background with white embroidered flower and tie-dye pattern skulls arranged in a mandala shape


Catalog ID#: NT035


Catalog ID#: NT036

A blue circle on a white background with embroidered cloud and moon.
A blue background with a white fabric background, repeated word "frog" written in white.

Luis R.

Catalog ID#: NT037


Catalog ID#: NT038

A man in a blue car on a purple background with a blue heart
Naruto and One Punch Man symbols on orange background


Catalog ID#: NT039


Catalog ID#: NT040

A fabric, floral shirt and pants on a blue background
An embroidered Mexican flag with orange butterflies on a red background


Catalog ID#: NT041