Catalog ID# DF002


Catalog ID# DF003

Purple Square, Women and skulls
Bright pink square with a dancer, ink drawings and "Vida"


Catalog ID#: DF004


Catalog ID#: DF005

A skull on a blue background, with the words "Dia de Muertos," "Alain Adair" and "Zavaleta Palma"
Yellow square with "empowered Latina" portraits, a dancer and hummingbirds


Catalog ID#: DF006

Maria Cuevas

Catalog ID#: DF007

A red square with a duck or turkey and flowers
Gray square with American flag heart and star, with "USA"


Catalog #: DF008


Catalog ID#: DF009

Light pink square with multicolored clouds, the word "Day!"
A multicolored square with watermelon border, people, and skulls


Catalog #: DF010

“Un día divertido con las amigas.”

“A fun day with friends.”


Catalog ID#: DF011

A dark green square with a black and white patterned border on top, dancers, and a skull, green hummingbirds at bottom border.
Orange square with dancers, skulls, and faces

May Kelling

Catalog ID#: DF012

Maria C.

Catalog ID#: DF013

A pink square with a drawing of a dragon or lion
A multicolored square with people, a skull, a star, a rabbit, and patterns.

Connie Diaz

Catalog #: DF014

“Latinos unidos, amigas forever.”

Leslie A.

Catalog ID#: DF015

A purple square with boxes, circles, and a skull.


Catalog #: DF016


Catalog ID#: DF017

A blue square with flowers and blocks of patterned fabric.
Black square with hibiscus flower, chilis and pink polka dot stripe


Catalog #: DF018


Catalog ID#: DF019

An orange square with dancers and floral patterns
Pink square with a mushroom


Catalog ID#: DF020


Catalog ID#: DF021

Pink with shells and designs
Light blue square with a stick figure drawing and a tree, sun


Catalog ID#: DF022


Catalog ID#: DF023

Dark blue background with dancers, sunflowers, and butterflies
Purple background with patchwork patterns at left, faces, and a skull


Catalog ID#: DF024

Familia Diaz

Catalog ID#: DF025

A purple square with two houses, a stick figure and a tree
A pink square with a red stamped design of a dancer.

Los Lupeños de San Jose

Catalog ID#: DF026

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Catalog ID#: DF027

A dark blue square with stick figure people
A pink square with a red stamp of a dancer and the words "Los Lupenos"

Los Lupeños de San Jose

Catalog ID#: DF028

Familia Diaz

Catalog ID#: DF029

An orange square with a drawing of a house, a pathway and two trees.
A green square with a flower, "James"

Familia Diaz

Catalog ID#: DF030

Los Lupeños de San Jose

Catalog ID#: DF031

“Represents culture, community and happiness. We love what we do, we are Los Lupeños de San Jose. (Jasmin, Kelly, Mario, Delia, Lalo, Andrea, Angelica, Montse.)

A yellow square with a red stamped dancer, and "Los Lupenos de San Jose," Mario, Kelly, and Jazmin