The Napa County Board of Supervisors is seeking photos of supervisors who served before 1940 as part of an ongoing historical project.

The plan is to frame and hang the photos of the supervisors on the back wall of the Board of Supervisors chambers in the Administrative Building, 1195 S. Third St., once reconstruction of the third floor, which was damaged during the earthquake, is completed at the end of April.

“The county’s history is rich, and this is an opportunity to explore who we are and where we came from,” said District 3 Supervisor Diane Dillon, who has a background in law and history and is spearheading the project. “By examining the past, we can build a better future.”

Ultimately, the project goal is to create an online resource with biographical information about supervisors from the first board to the most recent and to include district maps to tell the story of how the county became what it is today. The first board meeting was held on Dec. 6, 1852, shortly after California achieved statehood, and Napa County was formed.

If you have photos or information for this project, please contact JoAnne Melgar at 707.229.1478 or by filling out the form below.

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