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The rolled maps are held in 8 roll files and 5 archival map boxes, the flat maps are held in 3 archival gaylord boxes (1.5 linear feet).

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Container List

Map Number Title Date
MAP0137 (2 Copies of original map) Napa City 1847
MAP0054 (Copy) San Francisco Bay and Surrounding Counties With Ranchos 1860
MAP0174 Napa Valley Railroad Suscol Landing to Napa City and Map of RR elevation (Copy) 1864
MAP0024 Copy-Napa County 1876
MAP0045 Napa County 1876
MAP0040 (Reproduced Copy) Napa County 1878
MAP0049 Box 9 California Mineralogical Map 1891
MAP0049 State of California Mineralogical Map 1891
MAP0047 (Reproduction) Napa County 1895
MAP0060 Napa County 1895
MAP0127 Napa USGS Geological Map St. Helena South 1905
MAP0044 Archive Box 6City of Napa 1907
MAP0061 School District 1915
MAP0061 Napa County School Districts (1 of 2 see box 9 #64) 1915
MAP0064 Packing Box Napa County 1915
MAP0064 Napa County School Districts (2 of 2 see box 9 #61) 1915
MAP0065 Napa County Schools Property and Owner Parcels 1915
MAP0065 Napa County Schools Property and Owner Parcels 1915
MAP0068 Napa County Schools Property and Owner Parcels 1915
MAP0068 Napa County Sschools Property and Owners Parcels 1915
MAP0109 Napa County Schools Property and Owner Parcels 1915
MAP0109 Napa County Schools Property and Owner Parcels 1915
MAP0042 Napa County 1920
MAP0012 Irrigation Map of Northern California 1922
MAP0069 California Soil Map (USDA) 1933
MAP0097 Soil Map, Napa Area, California. Bureau of Chemistry and Soils 1933
MAP0051 Archive Box 2  – Napa County 1936
MAP0051 Napa County 1936
MAP0103 Geomorphic Map of California 1938
MAP0023 Napa and Vicinity 1940
MAP0026 California 1940
MAP0130 St. Helena USGS Geological Map 1942
MAP0139 Mt. Vaca USGS Geological Map 1942
MAP0181 Calistoga USGS Geological Map 1943
MAP0059 (5 duplicate maps) State of California Geological Map 1944
MAP0131 Capay USGS Geological Map 1945
MAP0140 Calistoga USGS Geological Map 1945
MAP0141 St. Helena USGS Geological Map 1945
MAP0182 Capay USGS Geological Map 1945
MAP0183 St. Helena USGS Geological Map 1945
MAP0078 Archive Box 1 Cuttings Wharf USGS Geological Map 1949
MAP0078 Cuttings Wharf USGS Geologic Map (2009.62.53 Cuttings Wharf 1949 rolled inside of #78) 1949
MAP0074 Archive Box 1 Yountville USGS Geological Map 1951
MAP0074 Yountville USGS Geological Map 1951
MAP0076 Archive Box 1 Mt. George USGS Geolgical Map 1951
MAP0076 Mt. George USGS Geological Map 1951
MAP0084 Fairfield USGS Geological Map 1951
MAP0085 Cordelia USGS Geological Map 1951
MAP0086 Capell Valley USGS Geological Map 1951
MAP0090 Napa City and Vicinity USGS Geological Map (2 duplicate maps) 1951
MAP0094 Sonoma USGS Geological Map 1951
MAP0099 Sears Point USGS Geological Map (2 Maps) 1951
MAP0143 Yountville USGS Geological Map 1951
MAP0144 Capell Valley USGS Geological Map 1951
MAP0145 Mt. George USGS Geological Map 1951
MAP0161 Mt. George USGS Geological Map 1951
MAP0175 Rutherford USGS Geological Map (Poor Condition formerly framed/glued 1951
MAP0176 Mt. George USGS Geological Map 1951
MAP0177 Sonoma USGS Geological Map City of Sonoma and surrounding area 1951
MAP0178 Capell Valley USGS Geological Map formerly framed 1951
MAP0179 Yountville USGS Geological Map (poor condition formerly framed) 1951
MAP0180 Napa City USGS Geological Map 1951
MAP0185 Napa City and surrounding vicinity USGS Geological Map 1951
MAP0194 Cuttings Wharf USGS Geologic Map 1951
MAP0055 Archive Box 3 City of Napa Zoning Plans 1955
MAP0158 Moved to Archive Box 4 Sanitation north to East Salvador 1957
MAP0077 Archive Box 1 Detert Resvoir USGS Geological Map 1958
MAP0077 Detert Reservoir USGS Geological Map (Lake County Line near Robertr Louis Stevenson Park) 1958
MAP0079 Archive Box 1 Calistoga USGS Geological Map 1958
MAP0079 Calistoga USGS Geological Map 1958
MAP0082 Knoxville USGS Geological Map 1958
MAP0083 Jericho USGS Geological Map 1958
MAP0100 Mark West Springs USGS Geological Map (3 Maps) 1958
MAP0005 City of Napa and Vicinity 1959
MAP0075 Archive Box 1 Mt. St. Helena USGS Geological Map 1959
MAP0075 St. Helena USGS Geological Mapa 1959
MAP0080 Archive Box 1 Monticello Dam USGS Geological Map 1959
MAP0080 Monticello Dam USGS Geological Map 1959
MAP0081 Berryessa USGS Geological Map 1959
MAP0087 Brooks USGS Geological Map 1959
MAP0088 Walter Springs USGS Geological Map 1959
MAP0089 Aetna Springs USGS Geological Map 1959
MAP0091 Calistoga USGS Geological Map 1959
MAP0093 Kelseyville USGS Geological Map 1959
MAP0197 St. Mary’s Episcopal Church Parish Office, Hall, Schoolrooms 1959
MAP0016 Archive Box 9 – Napa County 1960
MAP0016 Napa County 1960
MAP0073 Archive Box 1 St. Helena USGS Geological Map 1960
MAP0073 St. Helena USGS Geological Map (2 identical maps) 1960
MAP0092 Clear Lake Oaks USGS Geological Map 1960
MAP0188 Napa County Road System (Statewide Highway Planning 1961
MAP0057 Aerial Photo Napa- 3rd and Soscol (East) to City Hall (West) Oak St. (South) and Vallejo St. (North) 1962
MAP0052 Napa County Plant Climates (U.C. Bioclimatologist) 1964
MAP0056 United States of America 1964
MAP0104 California Water Resources Development 1965
MAP0124 Box 9 Napa County 1965
MAP0050 Archive Box 3 – Napa County Street Map 1966
MAP0050 Napa County Street Map (Napa County Board of Realtors) 1966
MAP0156 City of Napa and Vicinity 1969
MAP0032 Napa County Supervisorial Districts 1971
MAP0105 Architectural- Napa College Blue Prints 3of 3 pages. Set #18. 1971
MAP0184 Trancas &Hywy 29,Redwood,Justin Siena,Q.V.H. Photo Copy of Arial Map 3575-3-096 1973
MAP0006 Earthquake Fault Map of California 1975
MAP0009 Napa County General Plan 1975
MAP0066 Napa County Board of Realtors Napa and Vicinity 1975
MAP0132 (2 maps dupicates) City of Napa 1976
MAP0033 Napa Valley Unified School District Trustees Areas 1980
MAP0098 California Water Resources Development 1980
MAP0034 City of Napa Elections Office Map 1981
MAP0035 Elections Office Map of St. Helena 1981
MAP0107 Behlow Building Napa Community Redevelopment Agency Historica American Building Survey 8 pages 5 pages Handwritten Notes enclosed 1982
MAP0015 Property Owners Parcel Map. South of Imola 1990
MAP0038 Napa County Conservation,Development and Planning Department Census Tracts 1990
MAP0031 Napa County Supervisorial Districts 1991
MAP0025 Ruthrerford Dust Society Vineyard information 1994
MAP0198 St. Mary’s Episcopal Church Seismic Retrofitting 1996
MAP0225 Vintage Expedition Napa Valley. Map showing wineries, wine labels on border. This is second map numbered 174. 1996
MAP0036 Elections Office Napa County Redistricting Proposal C-1 2001
MAP0037 Elections Office Napa County Redistricting Proposal B-1 2001
MAP0189 County of Napa Elections Supervisor Districts Voter Precints (6 Maps) 2002
MAP0116 Stone Crest Apr-37
MAP0055 Napa City Zoning Map 20-Aug-45
MAP0138 Montecito Terrace Final Mapa Feb-50
MAP0020 To-Kalon Vineyard Engineers Report 22-Jul-50
MAP0155 West Lincoln Park Final Map (East of Hywy 29, West of Sonoma St.) May-53
MAP0168 L. O. Wurz Property (3 copies a &b) May-54
MAP0147 Survey for Forest Walters, Extention from N.E. line of Broadmoor Sundivision 4-Mar-57
MAP0158 Salvador Park Assessment District Napa Sanitation (Sewer extention north to Salvador Ave.) 29-Aug-57
MAP0157 Preliminary Sketch of the Aitkens Property St. Helena (State Farm Ln.) Dec-59
MAP0046 Napa and Vicinity 1/10/61
MAP0169 Monroe and Walnut Sts. Between First and Clay Sts. 14-Sep-61
MAP0122 Survey Map of Lands of Irwin H> Lowery and Charles I. Joens 22-Jun-62
MAP0028 Official Boundary Map of the American Canyon Water District-Director’s Divisions 20-Feb-90
MAP0173 Oat Hill Mine Road E. P. Soderholm Apr-91
MAP0192 Parcel Map Parkview IV Map 4729, Dry Creek/ Trower. 2 Parcel Map, William J. Eppinga Map 4750 Linda Mesa Way near Scenic Dr. (2 Maps) Mar-94
MAP0199 St. Mary’s Episcopal Church Seismic Retrofitting 24-Feb-97
MAP0200 St. Mary’s Episcopal Church 99% Progress Review Seismic Retrofitting 28-Apr-98
MAP0124 Napa County 18-May-05
MAP0044 City of Napa (Fragile, Open Carefully) 1-Jul-07
MAP0207 Napa County Official Map 2-Jan-15
MAP0027 Napa County Supervisorial Districts 7-Aug
MAP0154 Water Works Surveyed by E.N. Eager (Mostly Solano County Vallejo Area – Napa 30 Acres and Solano 238 Acres) 1901 Additional 1914 and 1915
MAP0154 Item moved to Archive Box 4 -Water Works Surveyed by E. N. Eager (Mostly Solano County- Vallejo area. Solano 238Acres. Napa 30 Acres 1901, additional 1914 & 1915
MAP0101 Archive Box 4  Santa Rosa USGS Geological Map 1938-1945
MAP0148 Por Rancho Entre Napa, City of Napa Assessors Office Map Book 2 page 15 (4 copies)Book 2 page 13 (2 copies) 1953 – 1959
MAP0149 Por Rancho Entre Napa Assessors Office Map Book 3 page 15 + 114a,114b, and 114c 1953 -1959
MAP0039 (7 maps) School District Precincts Census Tracts 1972 and 1982
MAP0048 LAFCO-Napa Sanitation District Napa City 1975 Amended 6/15/1988 and 11/9/1994
MAP0196 St. Mary’s Episcopal Church Seismic Retrofitting 1996 to 1998
MAP0026 Archive Box 6 California Approx 1940
MAP0021 City of Napa and Vicinity Approx 1972
MAP0018 Napa City Approx 1985
MAP0013 Napa County Approx. 1966
MAP0125 Architectural Sketch of The Historic Committee of Napa County Centenial Committee Exhibit Napa Fair Plans for Model of Mission San Solano Aug. 21-24, 1947
MAP0201 Goodman Library Seismic Strenghtening drawing Aug. 25, 2004
MAP0014 State of California Geological Survey Compiled 1949-1961 Edition
MAP0163 East Napa, E. R. Sproul’s Addition W.A. Pierce Dec 1874
MAP0030 LAFCO-Napa Sanitation District No. 2 (Silverado Area) Dec. 10,1975, Amended 6/15/1983 and 4/10/1991
MAP0136 Home near Darms Ln. by DGH Industries Benicia Dec. 21, 1964
MAP0029 LAFCO-Napa Sanitation District No. 3 (Airport) Dec.10, 1975 Amended, 5/12/1993 and 9/8/1993
MAP0135 Bale Grist Mill Topography and Framing 15 pages Dec.1975 thru Oct.1976
MAP0207 Napa County School Districts/Railroads Estimated Prior or 1960
MAP0115 Green Valley and Wild Horse valley Solano and Napa Counties (Belonging to the City of Vallejo. Used for the purpose of Water Works) Feb. 1901 Additional measurements Dec. 1914 Sep. 1915
MAP0152 Right of Way Fencing Monticello Resivoir Solano Project Feb. 1937
MAP0186 Calistoga Napa Valley Planning Commission Feb. 1960 Revised 1963
MAP0126 La Ranchita Subdivision(Final Map) Lone Oak and Linda Vista Aves. Feb. 4, 1956
MAP0209 Napa County Jan. 2, 1915
MAP0142 Foss Valley, Atlas Peak, and Soda Springs (Copied from Napa County Map) Jan. 22, 1948
MAP0096 Napa County Conservation,Development and Planning Department Jan. 6, 1972 last revision 3/7/1974
MAP0114 Montecito Acres Unit I July, 1950
MAP0003 Mare Island Naval Shipyard June 10, 1874
MAP0203 Thompson’s Soscol Ranch Subdivision (Draughtes and Calculated from maps of previous surveys. By, W. A. Pierce surveyor. Filed for James M. Thompson and James M. Thompson Executor by Henry Brown County Recorder June 20, 1889
MAP0058 Property of P. and V. Gasser-Lots 6,7 and portions of 8 – Part of Tulocay Rancho June, 1947
MAP0070 Southern Pacific Railroad Napa Junction to Calistoga Right of Way and Track Map (scale 1′ = 400′) May 3, 1869 to 1983
MAP0187 Citry of Napa General Plan Street Proposal Nov.12, 1968
MAP0160 Rossi Subdivision Final Lots 14 and 15 Thomas H. Townsend (2 of 2) Nov.1941
MAP0167 Sarah J. Watson Estate Survey Map (1,2,3 of 3 two copies) Oct. 1, 1951
MAP0206 Commercial and School Map of California (Has 1940 population listed on map Post 1940
MAP0010 Polyconic projection Map of Napa County Pre 1955
MAP0017 Archive Box 3 – Napa City Zoning West of town Revised 1963-1964
MAP0017 Napa City Zoning Map (Torn half west of Napa City) Revised 1963-1964
MAP0202 First National Bank Building, Napa County Landmarks. Revisions July 22,1996
MAP0195 Las Posados State Forest – Handdrawn on heavy paper Unated
MAP0010 Napa County Polyconic Map: Hearne Brothers Undaed
MAP0001 Napa County and Ranchos Undated
MAP0004 Climate Napa County Major Zones Undated
MAP0007 City of Napa and Vicinity Undated
MAP0008  Napa Planning Road and Street Undated
MAP0011 Blue Print of Napa Valley Country Club Golf Course penciled in Undated
MAP0019 Archive Box 3 – Napa County Undated
MAP0019 Napa County Undated
MAP0022 Archive box 2 – Napa County Undated
MAP0022 Napa County (Has Napa County Property sticker # 8806) Undated
MAP0041 Napa County (Metsker Map) (Good Details) Undated
MAP0043 Water Lines City of Napa Undated
MAP0053 City of Napa Aerial Photo Laurel and Franklin Streets West of Hywy 29- Northwood to Clay Streets Undated
MAP0058 Archive Box 3- Property of P. and V. Gasser Undated
MAP0062 Napa County Undated
MAP0063 Napa County Undated
MAP0071 Archive Box 4 Napa County (Gives 1940 Census Counts) Undated
MAP0072 Archive Box 2 Napa County Undated
MAP0072 Napa County Undated
MAP0095 Napa City and Vicinity  (Compliments of Vallergas Markets) Undated
MAP0101 Santa Rosa Napa aand Sonoma Counties USGS Geological Map Undated
MAP0102 San Francisco Bay Tpography Mendocino-Sierra south to Monterey- Merced Undated
MAP0108 Aerial Photo of Downtown Napa Undated
MAP0110 Napa and Vicinity Napa Chamber of Commerce Undated
MAP0111 Napa County California Pacific Title Co. Undated
MAP0112 Nielsen Subdivision Undated
MAP0113 Devilin Farm California Pacific Title Co. Undated
MAP0117 Thompson Ave. (Sketch of Survey for Mr. Morris) Undated
MAP0120 Bothe’s Paradise Park  (Handwritten on both maps)2 maps. Ritchie Creek from Sonoma County to Hwy 29. Undated
MAP0121 Napa County Lists 1940 Census Population Undated
MAP0123 Napa County California Pacific Title Co. Undated
MAP0129 Vineyard Plantings around Beaulieu; U.S. Government Experimental Station and UC Davis Undated
MAP0133 Grade Map of the City of Napa (Adopted by the City Council) Undated
MAP0134 3 parcels Airport SP tracks to Hyway 29 8.37A, 10A, and 33.25A Undated
MAP0146 Plan for Sewer Line from County Hospital to Napa River near Sawyer Tannery Undated
MAP0150 Zoning Map City of Napa – Engineering Department Undated
MAP0151 North Side East Salvador Ave. Griffth’s Subdivision Undated
MAP0153 Lower Napa County (Mylar tracing) Undated
MAP0159 Arcitectural drawing Dehydrator A. B. Stevenson St. Helena Undated
MAP0162 Edgerly Island River Lots Final 2 of 4, 3 of 4, 4 of 4 (Three maps rolled together a,b & c) Thomas H. Townsend Undated
MAP0165 Napa Abajo Subdivision (Tracing) Undated
MAP0166 Farm Bureau (Union Station) Island Highway 29, Solano Ave. and Redwood Road. (4 copies a,b, & c) Undated
MAP0170 Properties of Watson, Azevedo, Couch, Wurz, Bora, Burastero Hand drawn map. [Location unknown,  Maybe American Canyon going by names] Undated
MAP0190 County of Napa Elections School District Trustee 2 and 4 (2Maps) Undated
MAP0191 Napa County Elections Congressional Districts 1 and 4, Supervisor Districts, Judicial District,Precint Boundary Undated
MAP0204 Napa High School Architectural drawings set 3 (5 pages) W. H. Corlett Architect Undated
MAP0205 Napa High School Architectural drawings set 3 (3 pages) W. H. Corlett Architect [different from above] Undated
MAP0208 Aerial Photograph Brown’s Valley. 2 photos divided East and West. Circa 1970’s? Undated
MAP0224 Napa County Undated
MAP0164 Napa County – California Pacific Title Company Undated
MAP0172 Jefferson St. where Calistoga St. enters, Properties back to Napa Creek Undated
MAP0106 Archive Box 2 Architectural- Behlow Building Plans (Luther Turton) Undated(1900?)
MAP0002 1876 Milton Road
MAP0010 Box 9 Polyconic Projection of Napa.
MAP0071 Napa County 1940 Census, Property of University of California (71 Lable missing)
MAP0106 Drawing of Behlow Building
MAP0118 No Slot 118 Item moved to Box 8 #193 Retrofit to Goodman Bldg.
MAP0119 Gold Regions of California (Reprint of 1849 Map)

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Table of Contents