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A.G. & Amy Prouty Collection
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Prouty, Amy
This collection is physically housed in one oversized archival box. There is a combination of books, journals, scrapbooks, personal documents, correspondence, artwork, travel diaries, research notes, periodicals, newspapers, and ephemera.
This particular box contains items primarily belonging to Amy and Arthur G. Prouty, residents of Napa. The collection contains various items circa 1930, including writings and paraphernalia from their travels in Latin America.

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Napa County Historical Society
Goodman Library
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A.G. & Amy Prouty Collection, [Box/Series #, Folder #], Napa County Historical Society.
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Donated by Otto Schroeder (Prouty Estate)

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Biography / History

Biographical / Historical Note

Amy Prouty was born Amy Olivia Keller and married Arthur Garfield Prouty in San Francisco on August 5, 1903. They resided in Napa and ran a jewelry business for thirty years. Arthur Prouty was the son of Napa Valley schoolteacher Nancy Jane Prouty nee Horton and Calvin R. Prouty, and had three brothers. Before opening his own business in 1907, Prouty was a student in a San Francisco business college as well as a representative of A.T. Hall & Son, both throughout the Pacific Northwest and then with his own office in San Francisco. Mr. Prouty was active in association work and civic and fraternal circles, and was, at one point, Napa’s Chairman of the Advertising Committee of the Chamber of Commerce.

Scope & Content

Scope & Contents Note
The A.G. and Amy Prouty Collection contains a variety of items, from circa 1930. Her travel journals and scrapbook are included. Numerous envelopes containing research notes and hand drawn maps on Antiqua, Guatemala, Mexico, and other travel locations. Two books by Alfonso Francisco Ramirez of Oaxaca, Mexico. A book review digest which includes a review of a book by Amy Prouty on the topic of travel to Mexico, Mexico and I. There is an additional bag of Amy Prouty’s reproduction artworks, primarily ink drawings. Contained within her scrapbook are some court documents and a land Grant from Napa County mentioning Otto Bruns. There is no mention of the Prouty’s in these documents. Additionally, there is an August 1926 copy of the children’s magazine A Child’s Garden which contains a poem by Napa resident Juanita Voorhees on p. 33.

Container List

Series 1: Art

Box 1: A collection of nineteen pieces of art by A.G. Prouty, including ink drawings and watercolors.
Box 1: A framed piece of art that appears to be by Diego Rivera.

Series 2: Books

Box 1: Book Review Digest, October 1952, Vol. 48, No. 7, The Junior Book of Authors, editors Stanley J. Kunitz and Howard Haycraft
Box 1: Hombres Notables y Monumentos Coloniales de Oaxaca, by Alfonso Francisco Rameriz, copyright Mexico, 1948
Box 1: Oaxaca Poemas, by Alfonso Francisco Rameriz, copyright Mexico, 1946

Series 3: Correspondence

Box 1, Folder 1: Letter to A.G. Prouty from Mead
Box 1, Folder 1: Letter to Amy Prouty from A.T. Wehner
Box 1, Folder 1: Letter to Amy Prouty from Boys’ Club of Napa

Series 4: Financial Records

Box 1, Folder 1: Wells Fargo Cashier’s Check
Box 1, Folder 1: Receipt for flower delivery to Mary Voorhees from Herritt’s Floral and Gift Shop
Box 1, Folder 1: Napa County tax statement for Amy Prouty 1965-66

Series 5: Journals and Diaries

Box 1: A diary, including for her travels, for 1928, bound in a brown leather book, reading “My Trip” on the front.
Box 1: A travel journal, bound with a paper cover reading “Mexican Native Design”, which also included a memorial card, an unmarked postcard, and some correspondence to Amy Prouty from 1928.
Box 1: A journal, which includes writings on travels both within California and in Latin America as well as miscellaneous notes, spanning multiple decades.

Series 6: Periodicals

Box 1, Folder 1: Illustrated London News, March 30, 1918, pp. 389-390; 381-384.

Series 7: Scrapbooks

Box 1: Collection of Christmas and New Year’s cards, correspondence, news clippings, and additional writings by Amy Prouty–all related to her book “Mexico and I” and her planned, but unpublished, book about Guatemala, bound by the cover of a Waterbury Clock Company’s Catalogue 1903-1904.
Series 8: Travel Documents
Box 1: Nine envelopes containing documents relating to the Prouty’s travel. Their descriptions are, as appears on the numbered envelopes:
Box 1, Envelope 1: Lists of Books Qu Garage
Box 1, Envelope 2: Handmade Maps- Guatemala, Questions, Itinerary Clara and I November 1941
Box 1, Envelope 3: Various Handwritten M/S Antigua
Box 1, Envelope 4: Chichicasteuago, Mayan Culture
Box 1, Envelope 5: Huehuetueago, Momosteuago, San Francisco de Alto
Box 1, Envelope 6: Guatemala – General View
Box 1, Envelope 7: Guatemala Material, Story of Colonel [sic] Carlos Castillo Armas – prisoner 1951/assignation 1957, Arbenz and Revolution – Time Magazine Article
Box 1, Envelope 8: Lake Atitlau, Paliu – Cuiba Tru
Box 1, Envelope 9: Notes on Cobau, Return to Guatemala City

Table of Contents

Table of Contents