Reoccupy the Goodman Library

The August 2014 Napa Earthquake had a profound impact on the Napa County Historical Society.  So it is with great relief and pride that we thank you for your help in returning the Society to the historic Goodman Library. It has been one year since we moved the Research Library back to 1219 First Street and we are moving on to Phase 2 of Reoccupy the Goodman Library. Please renew your membership, make an extra contribution if you can, and help us install the historic photographs and maps to our newly renovated walls. Please select the Donate button and follow directions to make a donation online.

The building restoration work was done by our civic partners – the City of Napa, FEMA, and the State of California/Office of Emergency Services. But we still have a great deal yet to do including buying additional shelving and display cases and re-installing shelving in storage.  The old existing infrastructure including bookshelves original to the building need repairs. We need to install and recreate staff and Intern/Volunteer work stations.  These items are not contained within the scope of work currently undertaken with public funding. Total budget for all this work is $40k so that’s our goal.

We hope you can help us raise the needed funds so we can continue to keep history alive through research, publication, and education. Research requests; historic research for local homeowners; speaking engagements; teaching school children about Napa; answering questions posed by Tulocay visitors; and our publications have kept us busy this past year.

The following statistics about our online presence may help you to visualize this picture. In 2017, at we hosted a whopping 36,321 Sessions; 21,852 Users; and 64,215 Pageviews! And we logged nearly 4,000 Volunteer hours – an unbelievable contribution.

Although the two years since the earthquake have been very challenging, your help and support have helped us keep our doors open.

Very sincerely yours,

Nancy E. Levenberg

Executive Director

P.S. All donations are tax deductible.  Please consider opting for a Recurring membership, a monthly credit card charge.