Are you safely sitting at home writing poetry? Making Art? Writing down your memoirs? Do you need help filling your time with a productive activity?

We here at the NCHS are committed to recording/preserving history and making our library archives accessible to future researchers. We would like to invite you to submit your experiences–in any format that feels comfortable to you–we will collect your materials and create a new special collection that focuses on the Napa community and this historic pandemic. We can accept digital copies via the web, you can mail in physical copies (yes, we are consistently checking our mail on location), or you can contact our staff at to get more information on getting started.

Do you want to contribute to the collective story, but don’t know where to start? Simply write us a letter telling us about your day. Was there an event in your life that was cancelled? Do you know someone sick, or who has passed away, and you want to focus on their story? As you can imagine, we have all experienced an upheaval to what was normal, and there is no way to place guidelines around what we are currently experiencing or feeling towards the shelter-in-place, corona virus, and loss of income/life/social normalcy.

One question that we have been asked since this pandemic became a global experience is the story of what happened in 1918 with the Spanish Flu. Well, we do not have specific primary documents from Napan’s experiences during that pandemic, but we can make sure that we record this moment in time for future generations to understand the magnitude, and the little moments of our days that won’t otherwise go into the history books.